Buongiorno Principessa! ♡

my most common asked question is always:
Tina, how do i get started in yoga?
i always either direct them to online videos, such as Tara Stiles(she’s fab) or websites, such as yogajournal and doyogawithme
but some people, like me, prefer to do yoga by themselves, without following a video. it’s much more customized, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. so, i decided to make a post containing yoga poses perfect for beginners of all kinds!
the links will be a step by step instructions of how to get into the pose as provided by
Cow Face pose — wonderful stretch for the shoulders
Half Lord Of The Fishes pose — great for the back!
Lotus Pose — an essential pose
Chair pose — get ready to feel those thighs burn mhmm
High Lunge pose — another essential pose
Low Lunge pose — work dem thighs, girl
Standing Half Forward Bend — amazing stretch for hamstrings! feel the burn
Warrior I pose — works about everything!
Plank pose — essential pose
Cat pose — amazing stretch in the abdomen 
Dolphin Plank pose — plank, but on forearms! works dem shoulders
Cobra pose — essential pose, with a cool name
Cow pose — feels amazing, ‘nuff said
Bridge pose — great back stretch!
Bow pose — more difficult, so don’t strain!
Child’s pose — feels great in between intense poses(also could be done with arms extended forward)
Corpse pose — pretty self explanatory
(when you’re ready!) INVERSIONS:
Plow pose — amazing for the back!
Supported Shoulderstand — loads of fun!
Supported Headstand — Use a wall until you’re ready! and kicking up is another way to get into this pose(as seen in all my videos heh)
With all these you could easily create your own yoga flows, and use them whenever you feel like doin’ some yoga.
Have fun on your journey! 



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